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Weekly Podcast - Listen & Subscribe

Every week Pastor Derek brings biblical, gospel-focused messages with a fresh approach that will keep you engaged and ready to apply when you get home. Each week you can find the most recent message here or you can subscribe on itunes or your favorite RSS reader below.

For messages beyond the past 40 weeks, please click either the android or iTunes buttons to subscribe at those links.

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  • 19
  • Jul

Thy Kingdom Come  Logo
Thy Kingdom Come
  • 38:23
  • Thy Kingdom Come

When Jesus instructed his followers to pray, "Thy Kingdom come" what did he mean by that request?

  • 12
  • Jul

The Kingdom Within  Logo
The Kingdom Within
  • 36:43
  • The Kingdom Within

Our hearts are the dwelling place of God. In a world where most of our hearts have endured a lot of hardship and strian, how do we experience the internal reality of heaven, through the peace, joy and love that Jesus offers?

  • 5
  • Jul

The Price Of Freedom  Logo
The Price Of Freedom
  • 34:00
  • The Price Of Freedom

Freedom is a fundamental value of people all over the world. But freedom always comes with a price, whether political, religious, or spiritual."

  • 28
  • Jun

Celebration Sunday  Logo
Celebration Sunday
  • 23:20
  • Celebration Sunday

This Sunday we are having a Celebration Service. This is a time that we share how we have seen God has been working in our church for the last 35 years.

  • 21
  • Jun

Papapalooza 2020 Logo
Round Table Chat with FCC's Pastors
  • 37:24
  • Papapalooza 2020

his Sunday is Father's Day and we're doing things a little different. Pastor Derek, Pastor Todd, Pastor Josh are going to answer some questions about their own experiences with God!

  • 14
  • Jun

God's New Normal  Logo
Beatitudes Part 2
  • 46:47
  • God's New Normal

n this time of desperation and hurt in our nation, don't you want to experience JOYOUSLY FORTUNATE?

  • 7
  • Jun

God's New Normal Logo
"The Beatitudes Part 1"- Week 1
  • 49:00
  • God's New Normal

ook to Jesus' teaching in Matthew 5 :1-12, on what His Kingdom will look like as it invades our hearts and changes our ethics and morals. God's new normal will transform and heal us from the inside, out!

  • 31
  • May

 Pentecost Sunday  Logo
Pentecost - God Unlocks Power and Authority
  • 31:13
  • Pentecost Sunday

Come find out how to be Holy Spirit-empowered

  • 24
  • May

Long Story Short  Logo
Week 6 - "New Creation"
  • 34:43
  • Long Story Short

We will dive into the Book of Revelation and attempt to capture the most EPIC ending of a long-running series that will ever play out!

  • 17
  • May

Long Story Short  Logo
Week 5 - "The Church: Why You Shouldn't Buy My Business Book"
  • 49:58
  • Long Story Short

What does it mean to BE the body of Jesus here on earth? What does it mean to be a corpus that is more than just a corporation?

  • 10
  • May

Long Story Short Logo
Week 4 - "Jesus: Why Directors Should Wear Makeup"
  • 42:18
  • Long Story Short

What difference does this Jesus make in the way our movie ends?

  • 23
  • Feb

The God I Never Knew Logo
Week 2 - "Is He A Person?"
  • 35:14
  • The God I Never Knew

Have you ever wondered what makes a person a person? Join us as we get into the PERSON-ality of the Holy Spirit-- Who makes us think what God thinks, feel what God feels and desire what God desires

  • 16
  • Feb

The God I Never Knew Logo
Week 1 - "Who Is He?"
  • 35:20
  • The God I Never Knew

The most misunderstood person in the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. Many people don't know how to interact with the Holy Spirit or what His presence offers

  • 9
  • Feb

Cuba Logo
Yunio Gonzalez
  • 1:02:45
  • Cuba

Yunio comes to talk about what God is doing in Cuba

  • 26
  • Jan

Rooted Logo
  • 37:50
  • Rooted

his week we are jumping back into the Rooted Series looking at how we, as followers of Christ, can have health and thriving lives deep in a relationship with Christ. We do this by participating in the Spiritual Disciplines that brings us to God's changing Grace. This week we are discussing the discipline of "Guidance".

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We equip disciples that will make other disciples. The bible is clear from global missions to church planting to individual ministry, everyone needs the Gospel and we believe in exalting, equipping and engaging in order to help everyone do their part in accomplishing the Great Commission.

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