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Every week Pastor Derek brings biblical, gospel-focused messages with a fresh approach that will keep you engaged and ready to apply when you get home. Each week you can find the most recent message here or you can subscribe on itunes or your favorite RSS reader below.

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  • 1
  • Nov

I Am An Alien Logo
The Mysterious Witness of Submission and Suffering
  • 51:41
  • I Am An Alien

Submission and unjust suffering… Two topics that are about as popular as President Trump on NPR. Do you ever wonder why these two topics make us so distinct in the world? We're going to show you that both of these are valuable; they are part of the plan of God for your life; and, they are part of how God intends to use you in the world.

  • 25
  • Oct

I Am An Alien Logo
Who We Are, Where We Come From, and What We Do
  • 40:27
  • I Am An Alien

Join us for an in-depth look in 1 Peter 2:8-12 as we discover what the church ought to be... A spiritual, life-giving house. A holy, royal priesthood. A new, chosen race. A holy nation. God’s chosen people.

  • 18
  • Oct

I Am an Alien Logo
Grow Up
  • 41:01
  • I Am an Alien

Join us this week for week 3 of I Am An Alien, as Peter tells us to "Grow Up!" Along with the need to grow up, we will also talk about what growing up looks like and then how to grow up in Christ.

  • 11
  • Oct

I Am an Alien  Logo
  • 46:41
  • I Am an Alien

As we saw last week, we are not immigrants or tourists here on earth, but instead we are exiles, aliens. But we are called to more than that even, to be AMBASSADORS and to make a difference in the place where we reside. In so many ways, did you realize that the environment we are ambassadors in is a hostile one? Join us as we finish off chapter 1 of 1 Peter, in week 2 of our new series, I Am An Alien, as we talk about the “Battlefront” of our lives

  • 4
  • Oct

I Am an Alien Logo
I Don't Belong Here
  • 41:15
  • I Am an Alien

Where does your hope lie? Pain and suffering has a way of exposing just where our hope is set. Is it on a fixed point beyond this world and its circumstances, or is it a hope that our circumstances will momentarily change?

  • 27
  • Sep

 God Time Series Logo
How to Remain Connected
  • 36:18
  • God Time Series

This week we are finishing the God Time-series talking about how do we remain connected to Christ in our daily lives.

  • 20
  • Sep

God Time  Logo
Knowing the God who Satisfies
  • 34:05
  • God Time

What is the greatest goal of being a Christian?... Church attendance, Bible study, tithing, and other Christian practices are so important, but the highest level of Christianity is knowing God personally and drawing our satisfaction from Him.

  • 13
  • Sep

God Time Logo
Abide & Remain
  • 39:09
  • God Time

"Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine..." -John 15:4

  • 6
  • Sep

The Finishing Work of Jesus Logo
The Finishing Work Of Jesus
  • 41:07
  • The Finishing Work of Jesus

Do you realize that God has saved you, but also the Finisher of your faith as well? Did you also know that God's goal for us is to be whole and holy?

Next Level Transformation Logo
Next Level Transformation
  • 42:12
  • Next Level Transformation

Do you ever feel like the next level of your faith and walk with God always seems to just be out of reach?

  • 23
  • Aug

Kind vs. Cantankerous: Get Your Gaze Right Logo
Kind vs. Cantankerous: Get Your Gaze Right
  • 40:09
  • Kind vs. Cantankerous: Get Your Gaze Right

Our goal as Christians is to take our eyes off of what’s all around us dividing us and set our gaze on what God has done for us!

  • 16
  • Aug

More Than Conquerors Logo
More Than Conquerors
  • 35:40
  • More Than Conquerors

God’s love makes it possible for us to be more than conquerors in our spiritual battles.

  • 9
  • Aug

Living in Victory over the Accuser Logo
Living in Victory over the Accuser
  • 43:09
  • Living in Victory over the Accuser

As Christians, we can actively participate with Jesus, in destroying the works of the enemy. To do that we need to know the enemy's #1 play that he repeatedly uses against us.

  • 2
  • Aug

Know Your Enemy  Logo
Know Your Enemy
  • 38:17
  • Know Your Enemy

We must know the Devil is a literal being that is an enemy of Jesus Christ and his followers.

  • 26
  • Jul

Arm Yourselves for Spiritual Battle  Logo
Arm Yourselves for Spiritual Battle
  • 28:24
  • Arm Yourselves for Spiritual Battle

In this message Pastor Joe talks about the Spiritual battle happening around us and how we can prepare for the battle by putting on the full armor of God.

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